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Calliope's candles, reed diffusers and bath salts are
manufactured for us by Heaven Scent in the picturesque Cotswold town of
Bradford On Avon. Heaven Scent has been creating artisan candles for
over 20 years.

All of our glass filled candles are hand
poured, and we offer many different styles and sizes of candles from
small glass votive candles and glass aromapot candles to large pillar
candles. We also offer reed diffusers and bath salts, and regularly
introduce new lines.

Our high quality environmentally friendly candles are
made from natural plant wax and essential oils, with ingredients that
are sustainable and kind to the environment. Free of petroleum-based
paraffin wax, animal wax or beeswax, they are clean burning, additive
free, and not tested on animals.


The sense of smell is the most high tuned of our five
sense, and smells can affect the environment in which we sleep, our
moods, and the general ambience in our homes and workplaces.

A current trend is layering different fragrances for
different rooms according to their purpose. This creates a
multi-dimensional sensory experience.

We are also seeing fragrances becoming less sweet and
more complex.

Citrusy and ginger scents are renowned for raising
energy levels and therefore work well in study or
workspaces. Within our range, the following might be appropriate for you: Inspiration;anything Mint
based; Nutmeg Orange & Cinnamon; Orange & Ginger; Pink Fizz &
Grapefruit; Rhubarb & Ginger; Vanilla; Verbena & Lime.

For a more relaxing ambience, we suggest jasmine,
rose, or anything that features amber or cedarwood. These work well in
bedrooms and living rooms or where people may perform Yoga at home.
Some examples: Faith; Lavender; Moroccan Rose; Nag
Champa; Provocateur; Relaxing; Rose Geranium; Strawberry &
Rose; Vanilla.

For romance: Rose is associated with love, eroticism
and desire, as are Ginger and Lavender. Jasmine has an association with

To obtain a Spring-like ambience, we recommend
concentrating on florals, or florals blended with citrus. From our range
examples might include: Buttercup Meadow; Lavender; Verbena & Lime.

In Autumn & Winter, woody smells and baked fruit give
off a cosy vibe and are great for living rooms - examples include Winter
Scent and Redcurrant & Ginger.

Kitchens have strong scents from cooking. Citrus is
particularly good for eliminating food smells. Any of our fragrances
with lemon, lime or orange will work in this setting.
For the laundryroom, we recommend Fresh Linen or Sea Grass.

For bathrooms, anything woody is a good counter to
unwanted smells. Florals are also good though can be overpowering in a
small space. You may want to try Buttercup Meadow, Lavender, Sandalwood or Sea

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